Carpe Diem

Between racing thoughts, a snoring husband, a lonely cat and a toddler with bad dreams, I got 5 hours of interrupted REM cycles last night. We’ve just recently permanently lowered Bonhomme’s crib gate and placed a chair beside his bed, in preparation for night-time potty training and a big boy bed. Bonhomme has delighted in his new-found freedom, but this morning was the first full-fledged romp through the house, taking full advantage of my zombie state.

“Momma! I got outta my crib!”


“Momma! I got out all by myself!”


“Momma! Want up!”

“Go ask Daddy.”

“Oof. Morning, Bud.”

“Daddy! (snuggle thump oof roll kick) Wanna book! Could I hava book? Daddy!”

“Huffmm. Here, Buddy.”

“Momma! Hmm. Thatsa Eee! Thatsa Enn! Momma!”

“S’great. Show Daddy.”

“Daddy! I’m reading! See, Daddy? See me? Daddy! Daddy? Daddy, want down.”

“Snfffmm oof. Here you go, Bud.”

(thump thump thump crash thump bang thump)

“Momma! Lookit I got! Momma! Lookit Daddy bought me!”

(a sound like Darth Vader meets Thomas the Tank Engine)

“Momma! Did you hear that? Momma! I’m making music!”

“Hhmmfs. That’s a harmonica, Love.”

“Momma! Dat’sa Arponeeta! Dat’sa Artoobeeda!”

“A harmonica, Love. Go show Daddy.”

“Daddy! I gotta Arponita! (Darth returns) Daddy! See, Daddy? (more Darth, little bit of toot) Dad!”

“Momma! Get up, Momma. (warm blanket is tugged away) Momma! Come see my Arponica. Momma. Get up!”


(Darth Vader retreats with thumps down the hall)

(sound of a chair being dragged across kitchen floor)

“Momma! I can’t get it! Momma! Momma, the chair’s stuck.”

(more scraping)

(thumps getting closer)




I crack an eyelid.

“See, Momma? See my Artobedeeda?”

“A harmonica, Love. You’re quite the musician.”


(Darth meets the wild west, fading down the hall)

Darling Husband turns to me.

“Morning. I bought him a harmonica at the dollar store last night.”

“Morning. I noticed.”

“I thought I’d be fun.”

“Yup, tons.”

(crash from the kitchen as stuck chair falls. Wail.)

Time to get up.


1 comment so far

  1. moosilaneous on

    What an awesome dude he is!
    Great description. Great family. Good times.

    Hope the coffee was plentiful that day.

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