In The Blink Of An Eye…

This morning, after getting up to the blessedly quiet and pleasant sound of Bonhomme playing with his fridge magnets (which sing a barnyard song, so blessed quiet is a question of perspective) and letting Daddy sleep in until the end of bathtime, I asked Bonhomme if he was ready to go say good morning to Daddy.

“No! I wanna internet! I wanna do da google!”

I blink.

“You don’t want to go say good morning to Daddy? Did you just say that you want to go on the internet?”

“Yah! We gotta boot it up! And see the water wheels! And da gears! And da wind mill breaked!”


My two year old is telling me how to search for videos on You Tube, for his entertainment at 6:30am.

“Um, how about Mommy gets dressed first, and makes some coffee, and you go say good morning to Daddy, and then I’ll sit with you and look at the internet, OK?”

“NO!!! You havta do da GOOgle, NOW-wow!”

“Bonhomme, that’s not nice asking. Can you ask me nicely, please?”


I receive the look of cherubic innocent delight, a face full of hope and mischief and absolute confidence in his ability to mold the world to his wishes.

“OK, Momma will set up the video for you, and then go get dressed while you watch it.”

“Yah, yah, YAY!”

I leave my toddler ensconced on the swirly computer chair, still as a statue, eyes glued to a video about a wind turbine exploding in a storm.

I go tell my husband that he has now been replaced by You Tube.

He blinks.

I tell him he has about 15 seconds left before our son calls out to tell us that the video is over and that he wants to see it again.

“Daddy! It breaked! It breaked!”

Yup, right on target.

It’s nice to still feel needed for something.

This evening, after a very full day of weekend warrior landscaping and a family hike in the Gatineaus and an incredibly successful outing to an all-you-can-eat sushi restaurant (incredible that it was successful, that is!), Bonhomme sees Daddy sitting at the computer chair checking his e-mail, and wails: “I wanna see da internet! No, Daddy, it’s MY turn!”

Husband Dearest settles Bonhomme on his lap and goes surfing for turbines. He finds an animated concept video of the Three Gorges Dam’s power generation plans.  Bonhomme is entranced.

Dearest looks at me in awe and whispers: “My two-year-old is watching an animation of the inner workings of the biggest dam in the world.”

His eyes are wild with an equal mix of terror and amazement.

“Daddy, how it works?”

Dearest spares me a last glance (adding agony and wry amusement to the look), and proceeds to explain in toddler speak how the human mind has managed to convert a river into electricity on a scale so vast that it has displaced over a million people.

I shake myself, and leave to go prep a sippy cup of milk. He’s only two, going on twenty, after all.


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