A Depressive Working Mom’s Mantra

1 – I love my husband, and most of the time I even like him. Yes, I did know what I was thinking when I married him. So try not to kill him. Or divorce him.

2 – I’m not always doing everything wrong – sometimes people are just assholes. And idiots.

3 – This time in my life is important, precious, and fleeting. Try not to miss too much of it.

4 – The pride my son took this morning in announcing to Daddy how you must make a marinade for the chicken and that come see, he would show Daddy how, is more than endearing. It is astounding. So go see.

5 – The body takes a toll for months of enduring, increasing stress. The mind is part of the body. I simply depleted my capital, is all.

6 – Mood is a spectrum. And a pendulum. And a scale. What goes up must come down, and vice versa. For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. It’s physics.

7 – Someone not recognizing my worth does not diminish my worth. They just might need better glasses.

8 – My life is an abundance of riches. I am wealthy in every currency that matters.

9 – Today is just one day in a lifetime yet to come.

10 – Chin up young person, this too shall pass.


2 comments so far

  1. Treehouse Moosilaneous on

    […] · Filed under Uncategorized My best friend, who writes Mothermind┬áhas listed a delightful mama mantra, that asserts, amongst other things, that “I love my husband…┬áSo try not to kill him. […]

  2. Moosilaneous on

    Oh my.
    # 5 took me completely aback – I dont’ htink I had actually made that connection. Thank you.

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