An Unsupervised Mommy

This morning, I took a shower by myself. With the door closed. “Huh?”, you ask, “this is a novelty?”.

Daddy was away at the dentist’s. I was alone in the shower. Bonhomme was alone in the livingroom. And disaster did not ensue.

I suspect only a small subset of parents understand the importance of this experience. Most parents of small children are probably not limited to showering only during one of the following three circumstances:
– the child is asleep
– the child is being supervised by another adult
– the children is in the shower with you

“Why only these circumstances?”, you ask, bewildered. “Surely to gods you can leave a child playing by himself for 10 minutes while you hop in the shower by the time he’s two. Surely!”, the Childless scorn. The Expecting may include a note of fear in their scoffing laughter.

Ah, but I am blessed with a child who is energetic, curious, creative, persistent, has no fear, and does not understand the concept of boundaries. This is the child who up until a couple of months ago, routinely ran into walls, because, you know, they’re in the way. This is the child who opens the office door, grabs the mouse, starts clicking away, then looks up at me in all innocence when I catch him at it and says: “Momma, I can’t do da Google. You need to boot it up!” This is the child who is so strong and tall at 27 months that with his ability and inclination to move a kitchen chair by himself anywhere on the entire ground floor of our house, the only things out of reach for him are the things that are out of reach for me.

Hence, the novelty.

A library book happened to get torn while putting his shoes on by himself later, however, so I’m not completely off the hook.


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  1. Moosilaneous on

    Well, that is awesome. Things are looking up.
    And cleaner.

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