They Say An Active Imagination Is A Good Thing

Last week, we were out on a family grocery shopping trip.

Bonhomme was sitting in the cart, kicking his feet against the bars.

“Momma, we gotta go find someone. She’s lost!” He announced to me in a stage whisper.

“Who’s lost? Where is she?” I whispered back.

“My sister! We havta find her!”

“You have a sister? Really? News to me!”

“Yeah! I do!”

“Oh! How old is she?”


“Is she older than you, or younger than you?”

“She’s younger.” Bonhomme nodded his head decisively.

“OK, so is she little, or big?”

“She’s little.”

“And she’s lost?”

“Yup, let’s go find her!”

So off we went down the aisles, looking for Bonhomme’s lost sister, and picking up some raisins and hand cream on the way.

The topic came up again while we were waiting in line at the cash.

“Momma, there she is, I see her!”

“You do? Where?”

“Oh, she’s gone.”

“Oh, OK. So, tell me more about this sister of yours, Bonhomme. What’s her name?”

“Uhhh… Uhhh… Venny!”

“Venny? Her name is Venny?”


“OK, her name is Venny. So you know, if Venny’s your sister, that must mean I’m her Mommy!”

“No! You’re not her Mommy. You’re not!”

“Well, you know, that’s usually how it works with sisters.”

“No. You’re. Not! You’re NOT her MOMMY! She’s MY friend!”

“I see.”

“Hmph.” Bonhomme crossed his arms, frowning ferociously, and nodded his head.

All was quiet on the sibling front as we packed the groceries and ourselves into the car and headed home. Peacefully driving along, my chitchat with Dearest was suddenly interrupted by an outraged howl.

“Momma, Venny HIT ME!” Wailing, and real tears.

Dearest and I exploded into laughter.

Dearest decided to get in the groove. “You know, I think Venny should say sorry for hitting. We don’t hit in this family.”

Silence from the back seat. Sullen silence.

“Has Venny said sorry yet?” I asked Bonhomme.

“No, she didn’t.” Bonhomme was very put out.

“Well, then I guess Venny’s going to have to have a time-out. We get time-outs when we don’t say we’re sorry and give people hugs.”

“Momma, Venny gave me a hug!”

I turned to look at Bonhomme’s delighted face.

“Well, that’s lovely! I’m so pleased!”

“Me too!”

And we arrived home, a cheerful toddler, two exhausted parents, a car full of groceries, and one fully dimensional imaginary friend.

If I’m going to have to arbitrate for non-existent people for very long, I’m going to start having imaginary friends too. Except mine are going to like to drink. A lot.


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  1. hannah78 on

    LOL. So cute! 🙂

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