When Silence Roars – Ignore It. Trust me.

Today, after a suspiciously long amount of silence emanating from my bedroom (knowing my son was in there playing on the bed), I made the mistake of checking on him.

I found him, covered from head to toe and very industriously covering every porous surface with, …ahem…, my husband’s and my personal lube.

Someone, anyone, please, PLEASE tell me that this is terribly, TERRIBLY, funny.

Because right now, I’m much closer to crying until I laugh than laughing until I cry.

My son is conspicuously being very, VERY good right now. Apparently Momma impressed upon him the seriousness of his crime, or, he has noticed just how close to the edge Momma is teetering. The newly slippery, supple and well-moisturized edge.


1 comment so far

  1. Moosilaneous on

    I hope you got pictures to suitably embarass him and any deserving partners in the future.
    I figure the only way to survive the teenage years if we start stocking up on AMMO now.

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