The Best Daycare Drop-off Ever

“Momma, I’m gonna fill you all up with hugs.”
“Really? You’re going to fill me up so that I have enough hugs to last me all day untilĀ  I can see you again?”
“Yup! And then you will be so happy all day!”
“Aww, thanks Love! That does make me so happy, right now!”
“Mmmmm! That’s a good hug, Momma.”
“It sure is. Mmmm!”
“OK, you can go now. I will shoo you out the door!”
“OK, love you!”

My son, perfectly content, on one side of the door.
Me, a maelstrom of conflicting emotions on the other.

My heart may be torn, not always pointed in the same direction as my feet, but my mind reminds me that letting go will always be easier for my child than it will be for me. As it should be.

Of all the parenting mistakes I’ve made and will make – this is not one of them. This, I’ve done exactly right.


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  1. Moosilaneous on

    Such reassurance!
    What a gift.

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