Just Don’t Tell Him It’s Hereditary

“Momma, I wanna pet Kitty.”
“No, Love, that’s not Kitty hiding on the pillow – that’s just Momma’s hair.”
“Momma, you’ve got very nice hair.”
“Thanks, Love! That’s a lovely thing to say.”
“Momma, I’ve got nice hair too.”
“You certainly do.”
“And Daddy’s got nice hair – hhhhhey!”
“What, Love?”
“Daddy’s hair! It’s ruined! Daddy’s hair is ruined! Momma!”

Momma is unavailable for comment, being convulsed in laughter.

“Daddy! Daddy! Your hair is ruined! There’s something wrong with your head! There’s no hair there! There’s no hair on top of it! Your head is ruined! Daddy!”
“Thanks Bud. Thanks for pointing that out.”
“Daddy, where did your hair go? What happened to it? Did you not get any?”
“Daddy, why’s Momma laughing so hard?”


1 comment so far

  1. Moosilaneous on

    “Mama is unavailable for comment”. Indeed!!

    It’s laugh or cry, Daddy.


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