Dark days have come again,
every step uphill.
The world whirls about me,
a kaleidoscope twilight
I slowly slog.
I immerse myself
in every stolen moment of happiness,
each is only ever a temporary reprieve.
The most courageous act I make
is to wake
nothing is ever enough,
and yet,
everything is always too much.


2 comments so far

  1. Kathleen on

    I love this poem. The title, the tone, the message…
    Yep, been there.
    Sorry if that sounds hopelessly cheerful.
    But things do get better.

  2. edgarastonehill on

    Starting from the line “in every stolen moment of happiness” I became engaged in this piece.

    While I do not read lots of poetry about depression, I think that most of this work is an accurate reflection of the condition.

    But more importantly, the work is effective for the reader. Making them feel hopeless, without writing the line “I feel hopeless” into the poem.

    Good job… And since this post also was tagged as journaling: I hope today and tomorrow are better for you.

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