There’s always gotta be a first time

“It’s been a busy few days, hasn’t it, Bonhomme?”
“And we’ve learned lots of new things, too, haven’t we?”
“Like what?”
“Like, do you remember what you learned with Grandpa Friday morning before you went to daycare?”
“When you were downstairs with Grandpa, and he was busy doing laundry for Momma because he’s so nice?”
“Umm… we don’t touch plugs?”
“That’s right. We don’t touch plugs. Especially with what don’t we touch them with?”
“Uhh… screwdrivers?”
“So, what did we learn about electricity that day? What doesn’t mix with it?”
“Umm, electricity and screwdrivers don’t mix.”
“That’s right.”
“And we learned something else that day too, remember, at daycare?”
“That you use your words, not your hands, when you want space.”
“Yeah, and we don’t push on the stairs.”
“And yesterday, what did we learn then?”
“When we were at our friend’s house.”
“Something about buttons, maybe?”
“Oh yeah! We don’t push those!”
“Yup. So, which buttons don’t we push, Bonhomme?”
“Umm… clocks ones?”
“Yeah, those are good to not push. What else?”
“Mmmm… phones ones?”
“Yeah. And maybe what about the kitchen?”
“Uh… microwaves?”
“Yeah, we don’t push the buttons on the microwaves. We ask for help.”
“And anything else?”
“Ummm, uh…”
“What about the laundry machine?”
“Oh yeah! We don’t touch those.”
“Nope, we don’t.”
“And dryer buttons too.”
“Yeah, those are good to not push too.”
“And we learned a really big thing today, didn’t we, Bonhomme?”
“Do you remember?”
“What don’t we do in the car, then, Love?”
“We don’t open doors.”
“Yeah. That one’s really really bad.”
“And is there a time when it’s really really really bad to open doors in cars?”
“When is it?”
“When we’re on highways. We don’t do it then. Not even a little bit.”
“No, not even a little bit.”
“Grandpa’s going to help us fix that so that it doesn’t ever happen again, isn’t he.”
“Yeah, cause he’s a nice, nice man!”
“Yeah, and he loves you very very much, and nobody wants you falling out of the car.”
“Yeah, me too.”
“Well, I’m pretty happy to hear that, Love.”
“Yeah. Was that scary, Mom?”
“Scary doesn’t begin to describe it, Love.”
“Momma, I’m gonna try not to not listen, OK?”
“That’s a deal, Love. A very good deal.”
“Yup! It is!”
“And we learned something at Grandpapa’s house too, didn’t we.”
“About that tall wooden bird in the living room.”
“That the bird doesn’t know how to move out of your way when you squeeze past it, not even when you say excuse me very very nicely.”
“And that sometimes birds have to be glued back together again.”
“So Bonhomme, guess what?”
“You know what tomorrow is?”
“What is it?”
“Tomorrow’s a daycare day!”
“Yay! Yayaya!”

Yeah. Yay. Indeed.


1 comment so far

  1. Kathleen on

    You are the best. That bird doesn’t know how to move out of your way…
    Way to use your words!
    Model Momma behaviour.

    And yes, YAY daycare.

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