The Baby Giant

All toddlers have temper tantrums.

Our child, though, happens to be rather large. And strong. And tall. At two-and-three-quarters years old, little Bonhomme is three-fifths my adult height. And I am not a small woman.

Dainty Bonhomme outweighs most four year olds. When I pay for admission to the pool, I get suspicious looks when I attempt to pay the under-three rate. At the playground, I get admonished by self-righteous parents who expect a higher standard of emotional control from children who can successfully refute your reasoning.

So, this rather large, expressive, and dramatic fellow earned quite the time-out at daycare today.

Apparently, he decided to throw a chair across the room. A child-sized plastic chair, to be fair, but a chair, none-the-less.

It turns out that even mild-mannered, experienced daycare providers have a hard time keeping a straight face when explaining to their charges that “we don’t throw furniture.”


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  1. Vicky on

    Oh I know that look… I get it every week at gymnastics while my little one is running around like a mad child when she’s supposed to be stretching and standing stock still when she’s supposed to be running, and when she’s belly flopping onto the floor from 3 feet up (well that look was more horrified than self-rightous, but both say “what kind of parent are you?”). She was okay and the floor is bouncy (kind of). We’re there to have fun and if fun is running like a crazy person and belly flopping, I say to hell with the rest of the parents : ) Although this may be the last gymnastics class we sign up for. I think we’ll both be happier with a less structured playtime.

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