Gen2.0 – It Starts.

“…Harvey painted the door bright red, and Chip painted the other one bright yellow. Next, it’s time to paint the shelves!”

“Momma, why do the pictures not move?”

I pause in my umpteenth recitation of Harvey the home reno beaver and his painting antics.

“What’s that, Love?”

“Those pictures there. Why does the paint brush not go up and down?”

Here it is, the You Tube-meets-Google-meets-Pixar-meets-Wii generation come to haunt me. And so soon. Of course the pictures should move. I mean, 2D is so low tech.

“Well, Love, those pictures are drawn, on paper. This is a book, it’s different than the TV. Things don’t move on the page – you have to use your imagination instead.”


“…Chip wants to paint the shelves green, but Harvey doesn’t have any green paint. Harvey has an idea! He can take the yellow paint and mix it with the blue paint-”

“But Momma, why do the pictures not move? They should!”

“Hmm. Well, maybe if you go to school, and learn lots and lots, all about computers, maybe you could invent a kind of book where the pictues do move. You could figure it out, and invent it, so that everyone could see the pictures move like you want them to. What do you think of that?”

“Yeah! I could do that!”

He sure could.


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  1. mindofgrace on

    Thanks for the compliment – I was thinking of it as more of a survival tactic, born of dire necessity. It’s amazing how quiet it gets when he’s actually thinking about something.

    Oh, and I use the redirect judiciously too. For example:
    “Momma, why did Daddy’s computer break?” (One of several reasons for my recent blogging pause)
    “Well, I’m not sure. There’s lots of little parts in there that have to work together, and sometimes one’s not working just right and it makes other parts not go right, and then the whole thing breaks.”
    “Is it made of plastic?”
    “Well, some parts are, I think.”
    “Are they little?”
    “Yup, pretty much everything in a computer is very small.”
    “Do they blink?”
    “Like little lights? I think so.”
    “Do you need ta use a wench ta fix it?”
    “You know, these are really great questions. But I’m not very good at fixing computers – I use them a lot, to write things, but I don’t usually fix them. Daddy’s really good at that – maybe you should ask him how computers work.”

    More silence. SCORE!

  2. moosilaneous on

    Excellent answer. You have more patience than I do.
    I’d be all old school: “Do you want to hear me read the story, or not?”
    Sigh, I envy your creative mind.

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