Mastering Kicking

I would like to officially annouce to all and sunder that I kick ass. Yup, I KICK it.

I just got my final grade from my final course in my Master’s degree, nine years in coming. B+, Baby, B freaking plus. I shoot for the stars, I tells ya!

I’ve never been prouder of a mediocre grade in my life.

To put this in context: I’ve been studying part-time for nine years straight. I’ve passed twenty courses (one twice), in over six disciplines – from sociology to international relations to economics to public policy and back. Throughout it all, I’ve achieved temporary, then contract, then term, then permanent status in the Government of Canada. I’ve worked for five federal departments. I’ve had ten jobs. I’ve doubled my entry salary. I’ve shown, and sold my art professionally. I’ve gotten married. I’ve had a baby. I’ve had four miscarriages. I’ve parented a very bright and active boy who only started consistently sleeping through the night about a month before his third birthday. I’ve nursed a husband through a broken leg, now held together with more hardware than a Lee Valley shelving system. And I’ve battled depression every step of the way.

Thirteen years ago I couldn’t get out of bed in the morning. I lost days, in a daze. I spent months unable to work. I didn’t think I could finish a single course, let alone a degree. I couldn’t even conceive of tackling a graduate degree. Eight years ago I suffered anxiety attacks so severe that I would lose all sense of myself – frequently. Four years ago I hurt so much emotionally I could barely breathe. A year and a half ago – I couldn’t breathe.

Next month, I’ll walk up four steps, cross a stage, and climb down a Master of Arts.

Today, I will climb down twelve steps, start a load of laundry, climb back up and crawl into bed a Master of Life.


3 comments so far

  1. moosilaneous on

    AND you’ve pursued your talents in music, knitting, crochet, beading, cooking, wine (both making and enjoying), sign language, decorating, Spanish, and OH, everything. On TOP of parenting, working, arting, studenting and friending.


  2. Lynn on

    That’s so fantastic! Congratulations! You’re amazing and inspiring.

  3. moosilaneous on

    He’s sleeping through the night? Wow!

    (you know I’m only partly kidding.)

    HUZZAH! I solemnly genuflect to thy Awesomeness.
    You kick ass to the CURB!

    Let the celebration begin.

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