Saved By the Towel

Yesterday was a ridiculous day. Work was insane. Just plain insane.
Today was worse.
And right when I really needed it to not be.
I need to catch a break – or at least my breath.
Doc’s worried about me. He didn’t warn of looming burnout – but actually stated his observations of its current presence. And he used his serious face.
Five graduate classes in a single calendar year with a child who woke on average three times a night and a husband one-legged and no-handed for two months and a new job that didn’t turn out to be anything like what it was advertised as while suffering several miscarriages, unending sniffles and volatile brain chemistry?
Well, what can you do.
On my way to doing laundry (three loads in arrears), I noticed that the tea towel needed changing.
So I picked my cheeriest one to replace it with.
I went wild. I hung a red and white striped cheeky little clean tea towel on the oven.
So there, world.


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