A Small Bite of the Big Apple

From 7 August 2010, taking a break from the BlogHer 2010 Conference:

I am sitting by a fountain, soaking up the sun. Trucks, cabs, cars roar past, people clip-clop and chat. All the women are either in heels or flip-flops. The only people wearing runners are those actually running.

I never realized before how my birkenstocks and hikers make me feel Canadian.

There are sundresses everywhere; hats, accessories. Everyone seems in love with handbags. I’m wearing a small backpack and drinking out of a reusable mug – accessories that have never before felt radical. And yet here, in New York City, practicality all of a sudden seems to be a statement rather than just plain sensible.

Sitting by this fountain, the sound of water is a counterpoint to whistles and whirs, sirens and steps. I am looking at a two-story-tall poster of Matisse.

I, sitting here writing, am part of the scene, the sights and sounds, the cityscape. It’s a cosmopolitan composition – and I am thrilled to be in it.


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  1. Lynn on

    Loved this post…I’d love to hear more of your thoughts on BlogHer, I didn’t realize you had gone. Did you love it, or did it feel weird? I always wanted to go, but as the years pass I feel more and more that I just wouldn’t belong there. Did you find a niche?

    • mindofgrace on

      I did love it. To be honest, going just seemed like a really good excuse to be away from work, husband and child for a weekend, one that all three would comfortably accept. I was excited to go, but thought that just the chance to sit still and write uninterrupted for a couple of days would be worth it – anything more would be a bonus. And it turned out to be so much more. I was astonished to realize that every one of the 2,400 people around me had a blog. I was surrounded by writers! It was a heady feeling. There was so much diversity, that I know you would find someplace where you belonged – but more importantly, you might come to realize all the places you belong that you didn’t know you did. That said, I think any gathering of bloggers in the flesh can accomplish this – it’s just a question of scale. More thoughts on the BlogHer ’10 conference are coming – once I sort them out.

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