One Bad Day Too Many

How did we get here – modern moms believing that we have to be everything to everybody?
Where did this come from?
Why is it so intrinsically, deeply – closely – held?

“The mothers in Spain,” my stepmom told me, after walking for two months along its dusty spine on the world-famous Camino de Santiago, “they never smile. The young women do, full of hope and vitality. The older women, the ones with children hanging on, hanging about, the ones with husbands chatting idly in the streets – they don’t. They’ve lost their laughter.”

I know how they lost it. And I worry that I am too.


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  1. Moosilaneous on

    The laughter is not gone.
    It’s not gone in the old women in Spain, though they are constricted by culture not to display it. They laugh in the presence of their peers, usually about those smoking men or the foolishness of the young girls. Or about themselves.
    But, you, you cannot lose the laughter. I’ll wring it out of you!

  2. Jennifer Harris Dault on

    Just found your blog tag surfing. There seems to be a lot of the thinking we must be everything — beyond even moms. I think we are killing ourselves. What is life without laughter? Hang onto it with everything you’ve got.

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