Here He Goes Again…

There were paintbrushes, palettes and paint. Sheets of canvas paper were taped to the splash boards – one for each of us. Bonhomme had the cool tones, I had the warm. I had sponge brushes, he had the roller. We had our art on.

I’m dabbing away, practically humming with happy art thoughts. I probably was humming. Bonhomme is brushing, squishing, swirling, dipping, mixing, spreading.

“Look Momma, look at my hand!”

He shows me his completely purple hand. I make some sort of approving Mommy noise. I keep on swabbing.

“Momma, don’t put your hands here, HERE – because it’s hot. It could BURN you!”

“Yeah? That big bluey-green spot?”

“Yeah! Because this is the burner, and that is the chocolate, and see, I’m cooling it here with this purple paint, see, it’s COOLing, that’s why my hand is purple. And then – then – then I’m gonna pour it, and make a CAKE! A chocolate cake. And now, I need to knead the dough, and spwinka spwinka spwinka! And I need some of your orange paint. Yeah. Cause that’s the ingredient that I NEED!”

You can take this kid out of the cooking, but you can’t take the cooking out of the kid.


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