I Got This

Last night, I helped a baby sleep. And in doing so, his parents. I lay on the couch, a little sack of long limbs and full belly curled into my side, and read the newspaper while New Mom took a nap and New Dad took a walk.

It was the most productive thirty minutes of my day.

The new parents were so grateful – not that I did much. I just showed up, insisted on not being entertained, changed a diaper, did the Mommy Hip Sway, handed New Baby over to New Mom for a feed when feeding time came, and cuddled on the couch when sleeping time came. That’s all.

“I got this,” I told New Mom as New Baby fussed. “Go take a shower.”

“We’re doing OK,” I told New Dad as New Baby snuggled. “Go get some quiet.”

I keenly remember just how much all this tiny-seeming stuff really is. How overwhelming. How terrifying. How exhausting. I remember what it’s like to be that grateful for a ten minute shower, for the luxury of a walk around the block with no one but your dog.

I’d forgotten, though, the satisfaction my mere presence, my soft snuggly side, my smell could bring. Twenty seconds after New Baby settled into my arms, he was asleep. Turns out I was exactly the right pillow at exactly the right time. And after an exhausting, anxious, unceasing day at work and home in my own life, it was such a pleasure to provide relief to theirs.

Last night, I made peace happen.


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