These are not the conversations I’m having with my 3-year-old – they’re the ones he’s having with me.

“Momma, I’m putting Bunny up here, on the hamper, cause he’s feeling very overrotten.”
“Yah! See, he’s too warm, and all upset. He’s overrotten, and so he needs a rest to feel better.”
“Oh, I think you mean overwrought. Bunny’s feeling overwrought.”
“Yeah! Overwrought! That’s it.”

“Mummy, my bum hurts.”
“It does? On the inside or on the outside?”
“On the inside. Cause it’s got bacteria in it. And so it’s all sticky in there.”
“You know, where all the bacteria gets eaten up by my body? That’s when I get stick.”
“Maybe you mean when you get sick?”
“Yah, when I’m sick. And my bum eats up all the bacteria!”
“Does it still hurt?”
“No, it feels much better now, cause it gotten all eaten up! The baterias are gone!”
“Just like that?”
“Yup! Cause I’ve got amazing powers.”
“You sure do.”

“Momma, did you know? My fingers are pink!”
“They are? How come?”
“Cause my body and my cells and all my insides thought they should be.”
“Oh, I thought it was because you coloured with markers today.”
“Nope, I didn’t! It was my brain that did it!”
“Yeah! And I made them pink!”


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