Betchya Bottom Dollar

What a difference a day (or three) makes.

The fog has lifted, whether temporarily or not, and today, goodness reigned. I felt useful. I contributed. I actually knew what I was talking about – I went toe to toe with one of our resident experts with twenty years of knowledge behind him. I solved problems. I made jokes. I thought thoughts. I brought people together and set balls rolling and reported on progress. Dearest says that he’s sure I’m always so very good at my job – but it’s very rare that I can actually tell (alternately either due to the nature of my job or the nature of me).

Even through a splitting headache, and with exhaustion lurking, I didn’t lose my cool with Bonhomme – though of course, he tested it. I didn’t curse slow coffee or slow drivers or even the rain.

It was a good day. A very good day. A day of goodness.


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  1. Moosilaneous on

    This is great. I, too, feel like I’m back on track. Whistling around the office.
    But, by god, what am I going to do to get “Tommorrow, Tomorrow, I love ya, Tomorrow…” out of my head?
    Damn cheeriness!

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