A Historic First

Today, my son and I played a boardgame together for the first time. Really played. With rules. And turns. He didn’t just play – I did too. He won (tied with Daddy, but Bonhomme assured us that it is still winning even when two people win) – but he won honestly.

I’ve waited two lifetimes – his, and mine – for this.

It was heaven.

Bonhomme didn’t quite understand, though, why I was so happy.

“Momma, but, you didn’t win. You are not supposed to be happy when you don’t win.”

“I am so happy because we played a boardgame! And you have no idea how much Momma loves boardgames (but he will, oh, he will). Playing with you tonight made me really, really happy.”

“But when you lose, you don’t get happy! You only get to be happy when you win!”

“Oh Love, Momma doesn’t really care about winning. I just like to play. I like to win too, but I’m happy even when I lose, because I got to play a game.”

“But you have to care about winning! You HAVE to!”

Ah, well, maybe this is just one of those things that will always be different between him and I, my little earnest warrior.

I’ll always care more about what I put into something than what I get out of it. I’m hoping that that might rub off, with time. But if it doesn’t all that much, well, at least I’ve got a lifetime of losing at boardgames ahead of me.


3 comments so far

  1. Moosilaneous on

    And, you know, this blog post was the topic of conversation at table with the hubby, and your hubby, and got the girls interested in the concept of boardgames, too!

  2. Vicky on

    That’s awesome!! I can’t wait to play a boardgame with my little one. She’s not so interested in rules at the moment. What game was it?

    • mindofgrace on

      This really cool twist on dominos called Domination. It’s counting and matching and memory and strategy all at once. I’m totally bringing it on playdates.

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