Breakfast Conversation

“So, Mom. I’ve got one – no, I’ve got two friends.”
“You do? Who?”
“One friend, his name is Minokia. Yah. And he’s a very curious guy.”
“He is?”
“Yah. And you know what he does? He likes to (dramatic pause) — steal (another dramatic pause) — kitchens!”
“How on earth does he do that?”
“He’s got two big, big, giant — claws! And he just scoops kitchens up, chomp – chomp – chomp! Just like that!”
“Mmmhmm. And my other friend’s name is Frokolakalokogoodoofeefafaboodooleekalokoloo.”
“Oh my, that’s a very long name.”
“Well, you can call him Frokolaka for short.”
“OK, thanks.”
“And Frokolaka? You know what he likes to do? He likes to dance! He’s a dancer, and he goes to dance class!”
“Oh yeah? Does he ever teach you any dance moves?”
“Yah, he does! Wanna see?”
“I sure do! Show me!”
Bonhomme clambers down from the table and offers an energetic demonstration of Frokolaka moves – a stunning Ukrainian-Irish-Jig-Country Line Dance-Meets-Stomp combo.
“And that’s the end. Momma, I’m done breakfast. Can I watch a show?”
“Thank you for telling us that lovely story. Let’s get you washed up.”


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