On the way to the movie rental store…

“So, Daddy. I have something I’d like to say.”
“Oh yeah, Buddy, what’s that?”
“It’s very important.”
“When you’re driving, you have to drive the car very carefully. So, I’m gonna help you.”
“How’s that?”
“I’ve got some instructions for you. Tip one: Don’t crash into other cars.”
“Oh thanks, that’s very helpful.”
“Yes. Tip two: Don’t hit the lights.”
“Yes, keep going.”
“Tip three: Don’t hit the houses. That’s very bad.”
“Okay, I’ll keep that in mind.”
“There’s more. Tip four: Don’t hit the pizza shop. Because we need the pizza.”
“We do?”
“Yes, for dinner! You know that!”
“Oh yeah, sorry, I forgot. Okay, no hitting pizza stores.”
“And finally, tip number five: don’t hit any – don’t ever crash into – any… ANY – giant… couches!”
“Giant couches?”
“Um, yeah. Yes. Giant couches. No crashing into them. Make sure you drive safely, and no hitting any couches.”
“Gotcha. Thanks, Bud.”
“You’re welcome!”


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