He’s very, very, VERY three

“You are so mean, Mommy, and I’m not going to be your friend, and I won’t share my guns with you, and I’m slamming THE DOOR!”

“Mommy, I love you. You’re my best friend.”

“I hate this, I can’t do it! My foot hurts and I’m too tired and I CAN’T put ON my BOOTS!”

“Mommy! You and Daddy are talking so nicely together! I’m so proud of you!”

“Waaaahhhhhhhhhhhhh….! I was going to get the phone! Waaaaaahhhhhhhh…..!!!”

“Look Momma! Kitty sniffed my finger and rubbed it! I was so quiet and gentle that she did that! Her fur is so soft and amazing!”

“Mommy! Cuddle! Hug! Mommy!”

“Waaaahhhhhhh…! You’re not my best friend, Mommy, and I am NOT TALKING to you!”

“No, Mommy, I am NOT doing a time-out, I am not ever doing any more time-outs EVER AGAIN. And I’m SLAMMING the door.”

(giggle) “Mommy!” (giggle) “Stop tickling me!” (giggle) “Stop (giggle) tickling me!” (giggle)

“Waaaaaahhhhhhhh….. I CAN’T stop crying! Waaaahhhhhh….. YES! IT IS SO SUCH A BIG DEAL! Waaaaahhhhhhhhh…..! It IS the end of the world! Waaaaaahhhhhh…. NO!!! I am NOT draMATIC!!!”

“Mommy, I love you. Sweet dreams. Don’t watch any shows with Daddy or eat any popcorn while I’m sleeping.”

“Mommy! It’s a beautiful day! It’s so beautiful, the sun is shining just for us!”

“Mommy, after nap will it be Sunday so that we can go to our friend’s house? When’s three days? But I WANT it to be Sunday today! Waaahhhhhhh…..”

“Mommy, you should go take a nap now, because you look tuckered out.”


3 comments so far

  1. themeichoosetobe on

    Sounds JUST like me three year old!

  2. Lynn on

    Our youngest is also three and MAN, you totally nailed it. This is exactly what my own day-to-day life is like!

  3. moosilaneous on

    No!!! I am NOT DraMATIC!!!
    Priceless, as are all the others.
    And he notices you’re tired – yet – well, all the rest?
    That Bonhomme – so three is right!

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