Just your average on-the-way-to-our-friends’-house conversation

Author’s note: Economicus is my pet name for Best Friend’s beloved husband, because he is the very epitome of Homo Economicus, that elusive perfect rational actor that economists have held as the pinnacle of rational choice economic theory. This ideal human consistently and predictably makes rational and narrowly self-interested economic decisions, in order to always attempt to maximize their utility. This title contrasts that of Homo Reciprocans, an alternate economic theory arguing that human beings are primarily motivated by the desire to be cooperative in order to improve their collective environment. Those who know both him and me will understand my perverse sense of humour here, especially as the assumption underlying the Homo Economicus, and thus underlying the rational choice model as well as the majority of other prominent economic theories, continues to be a point of contention. Also note that my son does not, in fact, call him this.

“Mommy, Economicus is a genius. Yeah. He’s a genius, because he knows how to fix everything. And he knows all about electricity. And he can tell us what those boingy things are on the electricity towers, the ones that look like long springs with circle blades. AND, he’s a genius because he knows STUFF. Mommy, I love him.”

“That’s so sweet of you, Bonhomme. I think you should tell him all of that.”

“I will! And, I’ll ask him about the boingy things.”

“That’s a great idea, Love. And you know what else Economicus is good at? He’s really good at research. So if he doesn’t know about the boingy things on the electricity wires, he’ll know how to find out. Because you know, that’s what really makes a genius a genius – it’s not that they know everything, it’s that they know how to learn.”

“Yeah. When I grow up, I’m gonna be an INVENTOR, and I’m gonna be a genius just like him.”

“Sounds good. Just remember to patent.”

“OK Mommy, I will.”


1 comment so far

  1. moosilaneous on

    As always, YAY Bonhomme.
    And his brilliance doesn’t fall far from the tree.
    What a brilliant name for my best beloved.

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