The ravelled sleeve of care

Head pulsing, ribs sighing.
Hip aching.
We are durable creatures, but tender.
And I am more bruised than usual.
My body bears the weight of my psychological strain, complaining.
Knee creaking, wrists burning.
Chest heaving.
It’s really not much to take note of, considering.
But the body has a way of amplifying discomfort until it is heard.
And so, ibuprofen, bath, book, bed.
And wait –
to see what tomorrow brings.
Sleep veils many things.


2 comments so far

  1. moosilaneous on

    The body has ways of making sure it gets what it wants.
    Sleep does wonders, I’m wishing you all you need.

  2. everydaylifestyles on

    Excellent post thanks for sharing this. I enjoy reading your blog very much. Reading poems is something I truly enjoy. It’s very relaxing and soothing.

    Raining Purple Rain – Haiku Poem

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