Christmas Chaos

Shrieking, laughing, fighting, whining,
Faces alight with excitement.
Sugar high.
Crafts, crafts, crafts.
Reliving childhood,
I create a world of wonder
Out of fresh snow,
Cinnamon smells, and songs.
Cutting, taping, signing, sighing,
Counting down the sleeps.
Sugar crash.
Bake, make, bake.
Tears in my eyes as I write one less name on a Christmas card,
one more measure of loved ones lost too soon.
Bittersweetly, I say yes to a pretty please request
for one more cookie,
knowing that the inevitable meltdown
is worth it.
Memories are too precious
not to make.


2 comments so far

  1. Lynn on

    I’ve also been super generous with the treats this season – it’s Christmas, I feel like throwing candy at them is allowed. So far they’re doing okay…I expect well-timed meltdowns on the 25th!

  2. moosilaneous on

    Precious memories, already!
    You’re doing great.

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