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Oh. My. 2013’s going to be a wowzer.

“Momma, what’s a wezolution?”
“A resolution. It’s like a promise we make to ourselves, to try to do something for a long time. The tradition is that on New Year’s Day, we make a resolution that we try to keep for the whole year, until next New Year’s Day.”
“For a whole year?”
“Well, that’s what we try for, anyway. So, last year, I said that for me, it was my year of health. I made a resolution to put my health first, and I’ve made some pretty big decisions this last year to make that happen. I’ve kept my promise pretty well, this year.”
“Like how?”
“Well, I got a new job, remember?”
“Yeah, and now you work in Daddy’s building!”
“Yes I do, and the best part is that I get to walk to work every day, which keeps me healthy – and the work itself is a lot better for me too. That was a really big change, and a really, really hard decision, but it was the right thing to do. And it was a decision I made because I made that resolution last New Year’s.”
“So you kept your promise!”
“Yeah! And now, this year, my promise to myself is going to be to try to maintain a state of grace all year.”
“What’s that mean?”
“Well, for me, that means that I’m going to try really hard not to lose my temper, and to stay in a good mood as much as possible – and that when I am starting to lose my temper, to take a deep breath and count to five, and not let my bad mood get the better of me. I think I’ll probably break that promise to myself lots of times, but the important thing is that I’m going to keep trying, every day, for a whole year.”
“Wow, that’s a really big promise, Momma.”
“Yup. I’m a little intimidated by it – but I’ve got last year’s success to live up to, you know. So. What do you think you could choose as a resolution? What could this be a year of, for you?”
“Ummmm…. the year of guns! I could shoot my guns every day!”
“Yeah, I bet you wouldn’t have any trouble keeping that promise.”
“Pow! Pa pow pa pow POW!”
“You know what I think this could be the year of for you? This could be your year of French. I bet that you’ll be fluently bilingual by next Christmas.”
“Or, you know what? I’ve got an even better idea. This could be your year of reading. You could learn to read by next Christmas.”
“I dunno. That sounds hard.”
“But just imagine! Whole worlds will open up to you! Reading is so exciting!”
“It sounds like work. Not fun.”
“You could choose your own books at the library, and do your own searches!”
“Could I google?”
“Yes! You could learn to google on your own! But I’d sit beside you and we’d read the results together, OK?”
“But, Momma? Could I learn to read just in English?
“Yes, Love, how about we try one language at a time for reading.”
“But, I’m learning some reading in French at school already! A, avion, A! A, airplane, A!”
“Tres bien, Bonhomme! Bravo!”
“But, Momma?”
“Yes, Love?”
“My penguins? They really want to learn Chinese.”
“Your penguins do?”
“Um, OK. Sounds good. I think maybe we want to master French first, though. And then maybe you and I could learn Spanish together, and teach the penguins that. And then, maybe, Chinese. In a few years. Like when you’re ten or so. Whadya say?”
“No! That’s too long! My penguins will already know Chinese by then, and I won’t, and they’ll say all sorts of things about me and I won’t understand them! And then I’ll just say bad words!”
“I have to learn Chinese, I have to!”
“Um, Buddy, Sweetheart. Maybe you should try out my state of grace thing, and take a deep breath.”
“NOOOOooooooo! I’m never going to know Chinese, and I’m never going to read, and I don’t understand Madame sometimes at school, and I always get in trouble for saying bad words, and my penguins won’t want to cuddle with me anymore! Waaahhhhhh…..”
“Okaaaayyy… Maybe, do you think, we’re taking resolutions a little bit too seriously here? Perhaps we could scale this back a little? I was thinking, like, One Fish Two Fish, Red Fish Blue Fish. In English, not Mandarin or Cantonese, or any other dialect. To be clear.”
“Oh, I know that book! And I know which one is the red fish, and the blue fish!”
“That’s more like it.”
“OK, Momma, this can be the YEAR of READing!”
“Excellent! Way to go!”
“But next year, Momma?”
“Yes, Love?”