Those days

On those days –
those days where you lurch,
those days when only commitments and requirements and demands keep you going,
those days when your breath and sleep are shallow and aching is deep,
those days when peace is elusive and anxiety dogged –
on those days,
it’s OK to just sit.
To be late.
To be quiet.
To not get much of anything done.
On those days,
when you can’t for the life of you make a decision – don’t.
There are other days for that.
Bright days, light days, days that pass by in a blur.
When energy is so much at your beck and call that you don’t even realize it.
This is not one of these.
It is one of those.
So, make a cup of tea.
Have a cookie.
Delve into research, reading, charting, graphing.
Maybe writing.
Maybe not.
Maybe nothing measurable at all.
There will always be both kinds of days,
it can’t be helped.
On every kind of day, though, not everything has to be done the same.
Or, sometimes, at all.


2 comments so far

  1. mindofgrace on

    I like how you turn resignation into a virtue.
    I feel far too often like I do nothing but shovel.
    But you make it seem like a strength.


  2. moosilaneous on

    As a far too laissez-fair human, those days can go on for weeks, until the anxiety about the to-do list is so high it is almost suffocating.
    With a little luck and practice this can be recognized and acted on, not with panic but with informed resignation – and you begin to shovel out.
    Sometimes, even those hard days are good, too, even though you’d give anything to have had them a just little sooner, before the boss and your colleagues noticed…

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