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Baby Steps

The sun is warm on my back.
I am out, navigating shoals of snow and melting ice, walking for the first time in three weeks.
The flu, bronchitis and a fractured rib – on top of third trimester pregnancy – made this Christmas one to remember.
I’ve never been so sick.
The ruts of tired snow, iced layers of tracks and slush, make this walk around the block more of an adventure than I care to admit.
I walk carefully, oh so carefully, balancing my battered ribs against my abused abdominal muscles, back straining to counteract Baby’s sloshing weight.
I will heal just a couple of weeks ahead of the next onslaught, torn rib muscles and pressure fracture racing against a planned C-section.
This walk will be a victory then too.
Water drips from every roof, every branch, syncopated to my coughing.
Hatless heads and bare hands are an Ottawan measure of warmth on this bright January afternoon.
I turn the corner, and the sun warms my face.
The sky is smiling.
Slow, shuffling, faltering, still –
my steps walk to the beat of poetry.