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Autumnal haiku duo

Slender birch neck. Clear
sky above, a scarf of leaves
below. Cold fingers.

Warm colours, muffled
sounds. Outside is slowing down.
Adagio Fall.


Early Autumn Haiku

September sunshine
is a cool, crisp, ripe apple
baked into a pie.


Black wings frame the sky –
Raven calls. The vast wind sweeps
away all known ground.

Haiku: Fallow

Distance recedes ‘neath
tired skies. Pen and voice both
reduce to mumbles.

Leaves droop, swoop and swirl,
Fall.  I too am a muted
colour explosion.

I’ve finally joined the Twittersphere. And promptly discovered TwiHaiku.

Me: Void, can you name an invisible face?

Void: Was that an echo?

A Homecoming Haiku for my Son

This morning, I saw
van Gogh. Tonight, your heart beats
‘neath my travelled hand.

Haiku: Overdue

Snow waits – and settles,
Weights of white on grey, brown, black.
Silence creaks, and speaks.

A Winter Haiku

Today, even the
Bitter cold dresses up as
A criticism.

Haiku: Selfless

There is no time-space
Where my self is. There is but
When-where it is not.

Humour, heart, hope,
Art, power, care, spirit, wit.
All less – and feared lost.

A Haiku Prayer

Blessed Be Saint Tim,
Provider of Drive-Thrus and
Hot Double-Doubles.